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Beazer Homes is one of the nation’s largest home builders, offering custom floorplans, flexible mortgage options, energy efficient products and more!

Beazer offers “More Choice” compared to other top builders when it comes to customization, floor plans, and finding a flexible home mortgage.

We believe your home should match the way you want to live. That’s why we offer flexible home plans that allow you to tailor various aspects of your home, then choose design options to reflect your personal sense of style.

Once you’ve found your ideal home, it’s time to find your ideal loan! Beazer encourages you to shop around for your mortgage to get great service and competitive fees and rates.

When engaging with the Beazer Homes Facebook page, we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas as it pertains to your Beazer Home and/or your homebuying experience. However, we ask that you please be respectful. We reserve the right to delete any comments that are deemed inappropriate, self-promotional, spammy, or offensive. We also reserve the right to hide or remove comments that pertain to warranty issues in order to address the matter with the homeowner directly (either via email, private message or through the warranty center), while providing swift and accurate resolution.

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